b.1967 in Italy, based in Trieste


Big Iron Mama 2015


steel wire

Sex Prohibition 2016


oil on canvas

The Wood | Sorella Psiche 2015

cm 80x80

oil on canvas

Alessandra is an eclectic artist, she began to devote himself to sculpture and painting after going through the expression of many arts, graphics, design, writing and photography.

Alessandra’s art is changeable and restless, poignant and visionary.

The plastic forms, molded or carved, is a primordial language and instinctive, with whom she continues her search of the deeper meaning of life, the human being, of his passions.

And this is his poetry.

She experiments with always new techniques and processes, from ancient wood to modern resin, from wooden letter blocks to plastic composites of his own invention.

Thru the passionate experimentation with oil and acrylic paints and epoxy resin on canvas, Alessandra is always searching for the best material and formal contamination to express at best her inner feelings.

Alessandra’s poetic but material and intense work, represents the labor of living in the awareness of his own limitations and impulses, in the fullness of desires, fears and pushed towards the inner evolution.